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We are uniquely engineered to bring founders and innovative companies together with resources that will help them succeed.

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“Translink saw the potential in Kurly and supported our team so that we could realize those potentials. Throughout the journey, I could always count on partners at Translink for insights, ideas and even emotional support.”

Sophie Kim

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Linkers past and present

Acquired by Cisco
Acquired by Dropbox
Acquired by Uber
Market Kurly
Acquired by Fossil

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Company growth

Our institutionalized platform reliably connects early growth companies to the resources of some of Asia’s most successful multinationals.

Team growth

We are experienced and driven investors, entrepreneurs, managers and engineers offering hands-on support to help businesses succeed.

Personal growth

Your challenges become ours too. Approachable and attentive, our transcultural, global perspective expands your horizons.

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